Mexico City

Of all the cities I have visited over the years none lies as close to my heart as Mexico City. Formerly known as Distrito Federal it is a city that continues to change in accordance with the time; a city that is simultaneously historically rich and at the peak of development.

This unique city is perhaps the only offspring that the fiery love of Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl can lay claim to and so they have zealously guarded it for nearly 700 years. At first they saw it rise from the waters of Lake Texcoco; the flat horizon of the lake suddenly experienced new geometries as pyramids rose towards the heavens, manmade mountains announcing the birth of what has now become Mexico City.

Over the years the city has continued to expand, slowly approaching the boundaries of the valley. Today it is one of the world’s biggest cities, every inch of it bursting with innumerable secrets awaiting to be discovered by those curious enough to unveil them. To explore this wonderful city in depth it must be divided in sections, each one of them ready to charm you as you navigate its streets.

Mexico’s City Centro Historico

Catedral de la Ciudad de Mexico
Catedral de la Ciudad de Mexico

The heart of Mexico City is the so-called Centro Historico; it is the place were the city was born and from where it has continued to grow. This section of the city is bursting with life: littered with museums, churches, shops and restaurants this place has something to satisfy the taste of anyone who ventures into its streets.

For a more detailed account of this area of the city take a look at my article Mexico City: the Metropolis of Fire, Stone and Water.

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